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We are the best car rental in Ipoh with various fleet of cars, ranging from cheapest car rental to luxury budget car rental for daily and monthly rental basis.

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Local Service Provider

Our HQ are located in Ipoh district. Not from other area. So you are dealing with local service directly.


Cheaper Rate Than Others

Surely you are looking for the best deal right? Here i will assured you that all the cars are provided in good conditions and money savvy.


Clean and in Top Conditions

Cars are well-maintained per scheduled and the interior and exterior also being cleaned up after car returns from our clients.


Hassle Free Booking Process

You can skip filling form if you are truly lazy. We can get your booking through phone call and WhatsApp. Which is much better option for you? You decide it.

About Us

Ipoh Car Rental Ipoh by KLezcar is one of leading car rental in Ipoh, city of Perak. Our main vision is to provide best travel experience to our clients, either local or international.

Our principle of works are always ready to provide the best services with our excellent customer service team. You will get your booking confirmation as fast as 5 minutes.

Take it easy. Just go through of our fleet of cars and start your booking straight away.

Money Back Guarantee

Our promise to our clients to provide the best, clean and quality cars before handling car.

Get our clean and fresh car or we will get your money back.

Ipoh Car Rental Fleet Cars

Perodua Viva 1.0 (A) Elite 2010-2016 or Similiar

MYR 110.00 / day

Perodua Axia 1.0 (A) 2014-2016 or Similiar

MYR 120.00 / day

Perodua Axia 1.0 (A) 2018
or Similiar

MYR 140.00 / day

Perodua Myvi 1.3 (A) 2009-2016
or Similiar

MYR 130.00 / day

Perodua Myvi SE 1.5 (A) 2016
or Similiar

MYR 150.00 / day

Perodua Myvi 1.3 (A) SPEC X PREMIUM 2018
or Similiar

MYR 160.00 / day

Perodua Bezza 1.3 (A) 2018 or Similiar

MYR 160.00 / day

Perodua Alza 1.5 (A) 2011 – 2016 or Similiar

MYR 180.00 / day

Perodua Alza 1.5 (A) 2018 or Similiar

MYR 210.00 / day

Toyota Wish 1.8 (A) or Similiar

MYR 300.00 / day

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